What is Deaf Church Where?

Deaf Church Where is the only online tool that provides Deaf people within the U.S. a visual resource for finding and contacting local churches in their community. The website, DeafChurchWhere.com presents a map that automatically uses your current location to search for churches in your area. You can also search for churches by their name, city, state, etc. Church results can be further refined by the following ministry types:


Deaf people have access through an interpreter in a hearing service.


There may be a small Deaf group that meets separately for Sunday School and/or worship, but Deaf people are generally integrated into a hearing service with an interpreter provided.


The Deaf church is completely independent, except for financial support provided through a partnership with a hearing church.


The Deaf church is fully led and financially supported by Deaf People.

If you know of a Deaf church or ministry, or a hearing church with interpretive services in the U.S. that you  would like to see added to our website, please email [email protected].

Deaf Church Where