This Is My Story: Elizabeth’s Testimony


She pulled out her iPhone and showed her favorite Scripture on the Deaf Bible App. Then, she feels the Holy Spirit reaching her heart. Quickly, she gets up to sing praises to Jesus. “This is my story, my savior!” She trailed on. Finally, she makes herself comfortable and sits down to share her story. 

Her Story

“Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and this is my name sign in ASL. However, some people use this different name sign across my arm, which means I have an energetic personality. I am from Nigeria. In Nigeria, I go by the name, Temitope. I came to America to receive better access to education and the use of sign language interpreting services. There is a lack of qualified interpreters and quality education for the Deaf in Nigeria,” she shrugged and carried on with her story.

“I’m a Christian and an educated student at an American University, but I struggle to read the written Bible. I thank God for the existence of the Deaf Bible App

Her Sense Of Clarity In God’s Words

I recalled a moment when I attempted to read Psalms 23 in written English. I caught bits and pieces such as the ‘Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want..’ However, when I watched it in Sign Language from the Deaf Bible app, I was in awe! I understood the meaning that God is always with me always. I finally understood the scriptures clearly. He is incredible!” She takes a moment to watch the Scripture again. She took in every significant detail and smiled. “Thank you for loving me.” she rejoiced.

Her Request: Call To Action

“There are far too many Deaf Nigerians who don’t know Christ. I pray that God uses you, and He reveals His love to you. Please share His love with others and lead them to Him.” She clasped her hands into a fist and sighed. 

After seeing her story, would you be a part of a global movement and support the Deaf Bible Society’s vision to ensure the Scriptures are found in every signed language worldwide? Please support us through various means such as donations, praying with us, and sharing her story. Please help us allow the world to know we need sign language Bibles in 350+ signed languages worldwide!