Here’s what our friends are saying about a visual Bible in their heart language.

“Look at the Scriptures, they’re amazing!”

“The Scriptures in American Sign Language are so clear.”


Deaf people reached through a new kind of Bible, one which is visual and in their own heart language, experience the Hope of the Lord in a new way.

When Brian*, a Deaf Christian leader, ministers to a new Deaf community he humbly anticipates the Gospel will be made known by the Spirit moving through God’s Word in American Sign Language into the Deaf community.

On one memorable occasion, Brian remembers giving a message to two different churches who had significant reactions.

Typically, his presentations include a written Bible and Scripture in sign language, comparatively, side by side. He uses this method to show the difference between Scripture impact on the heart. Because English is a second language for most Deaf people, many must struggle through the written words on the page before they can understand the meaning. Without a complete sign language Bible, Deaf communities have come to trust that this is the only way to know God. Brian desires to share that the Good News doesn’t have to be so difficult.

On that day, Brian felt God stirring his heart to try something new. A more conceptual approach using only the ASL Bible ([email protected] Deaf Missions, Inc.), throughout his full presentation and teaching. Engaging with a visual Bible would be something new for this Deaf community!

During his presentation, he noticed two Deaf women in the front row greatly touched by God’s Word in ASL. They were saying to each other,

“Look at the Scriptures, they’re amazing!”

“Have you ever seen anything like it?”

“The Scriptures in American Sign Language are so clear.”

Through their expressions, Brian noted that it seemed like they were experiencing the Bible for the first time! It was a beautiful moment to watch the verses in ASL unfold for these women.

God was moving. He didn’t stop with that one community. The Spirit of the Lord went on to create that same dynamic experience for people in the second community. Deaf people were responding as if they had new life!

After the service, a man approached Brian saying that he was amazed by the clarity and naturalness of Scriptures in his language. He eagerly explained that he felt motivated to dive into the verses because he could finally understand!

As the Spirit moves the Message from the written pages to a visual Bible and then into Deaf hearts, The Lord affirms that Scripture in the heart language impacts the Deaf heart in a way that the written text cannot.




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