The Heart of Salvation

For years Alicia*, who is Deaf, hopped from one church to the next. She had been searching for, what felt like an eternity, the right church which delivered the right message. However, week to week, it seemed that the sermons just fell flat. Although she wanted to believe in God, she would leave church each week confused and disappointed after experiencing a message that never really resonated.

One day, Alicia attended a revival for the Deaf in Texas. It was her first revival encounter. The weekend offered dynamic topics, presentations, and sermons with a ton of great information. However, it was one particular presentation that offered Alicia conviction and changed her life forever.

Upon entering Carlos’ * presentation, Alicia took a seat in the front. She was excited about the different topics. This was her first experience, and she didn’t want to miss a beat. Carlos quickly set up his slideshow and took his place at the front. As his dynamic presentation unfolded, Alicia was struck by the clarity of it all. He was expounding the verses in Matthew, right in front of her, using the American Sign Language Version Bible. Alicia had never experienced the ASL Bible before, and she began to cry. It was an overwhelming experience which left her wanting the grace of God.

Alicia recalls how she felt at that very moment. “When I watched Scripture, for the first time, in my heart language, everything became clear! I felt the power of the Lord’s Word, and I understood what Salvation meant!”

At that moment, Alicia decided to follow Jesus! For the first time, she had felt the magnitude of God and what He was offering her because it was delivered in her heart language.

Salvation is a work of God in the human heart.

Without the American Sign Language Version Bible, salvation may have never come to Alicia. The Word of God is so powerful and works in the heart of every person but, they must understand what is being offered. For Alicia, the clarity of God’s Word came to her in her first language. Her story is one that Deaf Bible Society and their partners will treasure knowing that Scripture made available in the heart language of each Deaf person is changing lives.