Taste of His Love!

A translation team member said, “if the Maasai Community now has their Bible translated into their Maasai language, is it not time for the Deaf?” A living soul dies each day. Therefore, imagine how many Deaf people in Tanzania are condemned to hell without knowing Jesus. Fortunately, a Deaf man received access to the gospel through his heart language. Here is his story.

Is it not the time for the Deaf?

Tanzania, Africa

Drowning in liquor, Abraham partied almost every weekend with friends. Despite being a drinking addict, he shows up to work weekly at a hotel. One day, the hotel hosted a party for important customers. The staff served them drinks. Abraham did not have the authorization to participate in this event nor drink on the job. Unfortunately, he found a way to get drunk. Secretly, he smuggled liquor from the event and stepped outside of the room. He became roaring drunk.

Eventually, he clambered into the hallway and attempted to crash the party. A security guard tried to stop him, and Abraham smashed a bottle over his head. “At that point, I knew I needed help and cried out to God,” Abraham said. This situation led him to a church with access to the scripture in his signed language. He watched a Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) story in Tanzanian Sign Language and finally understood His Words.

“I started to open my heart and accepted Jesus,” Abraham exclaimed. With courage, he quit drinking and transformed his life. He was able to form a relationship with the Lord because the Tanzanian Bible Translation team created 110 CBT stories into Tanzanian Sign Language.

Please join us as prayer partners! If signing access can transform one person’s life such as Abraham, the whole Deaf Community can be transformed! Pray for God to motivate local Deaf believers to lead and spread the CBT stories across their Deaf Community.

In addition, for the Tanzanian Sign Language team to continue their work and complete the full bible in their heart language.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19