Taking the Gospel to the World – Part Two

Part 2 in our seriesThis story is part of a series; click here to view Part 1 and Part 3.


In this second part of our series, pastor Heo tells why a Deaf person and a follower of God would find it so important to have a Bible in sign language.


The biblical story of Moses recounts his infancy as escaping death by being placed in a basket and hidden in a river. God had a specific life purpose for Moses to lead the Hebrew people to liberation.

In the same way, God has a specific life purpose for every Deaf Pastor.

God has given pastor Heo a passion for taking the liberating message of the Gospel to the ends of the Deaf world, inside out – sign language style.

When Heo was born, his parents felt ill-equipped to take care of him. There were too many communication barriers, not enough resources, or educational assistance to raise a Deaf child in his region. But, God had his eye on Heo from birth and has been preparing his heart to bring hope and love to Deaf people around the globe.

There are over 500,000 Deaf users in Korea. For many like Heo, their first language is Korean Sign Language. The Korean Sign Language Bible has translated signed portions of the Old Testament, and the New Testament. For Heo and others, the message of God comes clearly through a Bible in the language of the heart.

“As a Deaf person who relies on Korean Sign Language as my primary language, spoken and written Korean are difficult for me to understand. When I see videos or other resources in Korean Sign Language, they speak to me because I see and know that’s my language! The same with a Korean Sign Language Bible. When we have God’s Words in my language, I know that God sees me because that’s my language He is using in His message. It is then that I can look to God and experience a deeper connection – that connection is so important!” 

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Matthew 7:24