Stopped in His Tracks!

My name is Alvin Paffer. We moved from Kansas to Arizona and got into ministry through printing.

After 20 years of working at a commercial shop we started working in missions and a really great project was printing the (Hispanic) Indian Scriptures which from Mexico for a period of 10 years, we were able to witness and be there for the dedication at that time – the entire New Testament at that time  – and as we were walking by this display here, I have never seen a presentation like this before, for the Deaf. And, I got to thinking, Scripture says, “How will they hear without a preacher?”

Well, if you don’t have hearing, you have to see. So, to translate Scripture into signs, for people to see, is critical…

…and to hear that this is being done – I had never heard about this in my entire life.

I’m almost 71 and this is incredible! It stopped me in my tracks! And so, to see this ministry going on and that these people will not only see The Word, they can respond to the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have eternal life. And not feel alone, isolated, but know that God cares for them, loves them, and will carry them through the rest of their life – amazing story! 

God cares for them, loves them, and will carry them through the rest of their life

That’s one thing that God gives us an opportunity to, an invitation, to pray without ceasing. I pray a lot at night, when I can’t sleep, I’ve got a whole list of people I pray for and that’s been my ministry from day one. It’s a privilege to be able to pray. A friend of mine said, “you know, you pray for me, you take part of your time on this earth to pray for me, that is very humbling.”  So when somebody says, “I’m praying for you,” I don’t take that lightly.  I’m just blessed to be able to be part of this – detached, yet connected by prayer.”

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