She Wants To Make A Difference

She is a Deaf Christian from Myanmar who knows first hand the struggles of being Deaf and living in a country where there is no access to sign language Scripture in God’s Word.

The country of Myanmar has been at war for years resulting in thousands of displaced and impoverished people. There is a village to the north and another in the south which has some education for Deaf people. However, there are no schools accessible to a Deaf person living outside of these areas. One woman’s quest is to make a difference for her country. She has come to America to study, to raise her own education, to pass hope on to others who are without the knowledge of God.

In her pursuit to spread God’s Word, she has tried to sign the written Bible to other Deaf people in Myanmar, but realizes it is far too difficult. She is praying for a sign language Bible in her own language! She invites you to pray with her, for the future of the Deaf community of Myanmar.

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

Mark 16:15,