Prayer Dependency

As we serve others are we mindful of how we arrive at a place of serving? Do we recognize the movement of the Lord and how He orchestrates experiences through the power of prayer?

For most Christian believers, prayer is an essential component of the Christian faith. Many believers confess that they have become more vulnerable and dependent upon the Lord, through their own personal prayer walk. But a life of prayer dependency usually starts with an experience. That prayer experience is new for many Deaf believers who want to serve the Lord and make a difference.

Levi* had been a Christian most of his life. Growing up Deaf he was able to watch his Deaf Christian parents model Christian living, but his own experiences seemed limited. It wasn’t until Levi attended a Deaf men’s Christian retreat that he realized that there’s a “prayer experience” waiting for each person.

There’s a “prayer experience” waiting for each person.

Through the men’s retreat, Levi was reminded of the importance of prayer dependency.

He reflected on his own prayer life and how he uses the American Sign Language Version Bible to find Scripture to help him notice the power and strength of prayer. At that moment, Levi desired prayer to become more central and meaningful to his own life. Levi recalls, “through the event, I really thought about my prayers and how God is using the people  who are praying. It caused my heart to immediately want to pray and focus on the men who came to the event.” God was calling him to a journey of prayer dependency.

Levi noticed at the retreat there were many other men whom he hadn’t met yet. So many men whom he hadn’t shared his life experiences with and so many of them who hadn’t shared theirs with him. He recalls, “with more people [praying], the future holds a lot of possibilities. With more people, we can do more things for the Lord.”

Through the men’s retreat, Levi was reminded of how important it is to seek the will of God first, before diving into the work or leading any event. He learned that when prayer accompanies Scripture, in his own language, it’s a powerful tool. One that is especially significant before giving back any community. “Through prayer, God will demonstrate His perfect timing, and we can be accepting of His timing if we are in prayer and relationship with Him.”

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Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.

Ephesians 6:18
Prayer Dependency