Get Connected with Christ Online!

These days, social distancing may keep us physically apart, but connecting with a church body online grows us closer to Christ. Our online church resources are here to help you get connected to other believers!

Words of Life

I remember life when I was young. I went to church, but the sermons were too difficult to understand. I thought it was because I wasn’t smart enough.

God’s Presence in the Milestones

There is an entire Deaf world out there hungry to encounter the Word of God. Deaf Bible Society is committed to seeing God’s Word in every sign language!

She is a Truth Pursuer!

Truth Pursuer

Watch Mary tell her story in American Sign Language of how she immigrated from China to America. Mary knows different languages, yet it was the American Sign Language Version Bible that spoke to her heart.

Like a Lion, I Stand!

Like A Lion, I Stand!

My given name in Arabic means Lion. My name means “full of strength.” Little did I know that I would need the strength of a lion the day I found the Lord.

Looking Back: Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Margot celebrates by reflecting on her past. Looking back allows her to reframe and move forward with things that have impacted her most as a Deaf person.