The Word Connects a Culture

Only portions of Scripture in Thai Sign Language are readily available to the community, which means the Deaf in Thailand are waiting to learn about the many other Biblical stories that unite a community together.

God Will Make a Way

God Will Make A Way

An enthusiastic Saba reported back to the team, “I may not be able to lift boxes, but I can lift my hands. I can sign!” That next week, she joined Deaf Bible Society and began the next phase of the Jesus Film Project. 

I Am Like Moses

When I first saw the story of Moses in my sign language, I was amazed at how much it connected me to my everyday life as a team member. 

It's That Kind of Good

It’s That Kind of Good!

Like the kind of good that goes out and hits the walls on both sides, shakes the building, wakes the neighbors. It was that kind of good!


Cultivating a Life of Fruit in Christ

As Melanie engaged with the Gospel in her sign language, she saw how God was cultivating her life with fertile soil, and she was growing in a new direction. 


A Labor of Love!

When Daniela approached her church pastor for help. She thought he would sympathize and grant her request for a divorce. Instead, he handed her a DVD…

Saved by Grace

My name is Maria* and I am Deaf. Growing up, I thought I was an outcast. Now, I know I am the Lord’s daughter, saved by grace!

Destination, Cuba!

As the sun rises with new opportunities, a small group of Deaf individuals come together. This is their first mission trip. Destination, Cuba!

Invite to the Banquet

An Invitation to the Banquet

God has prepared a splendid banquet feast with a beautiful invitation to Deaf people around the world.

Beautiful Feet

Keith Wann shares his view on why it’s essential for Deaf parents to have access to God’s Word in a language that they know best and can understand.