Taste of His Love!

A translation team member said, “…is it not time for the Deaf?” A Deaf Tanzanian man received access to the Gospel through his heart language. Here is his story.

Gaby Duke giving her testimony

My Sign Language and God’s Love in Action

When I started learning sign language, I realized that this language was pretty amazing. I wanted to learn to communicate with Deaf people.

Love Wins in Rwanda

Verera is the only Deaf person in her village. Without education, and a complete sign language, she faces isolation within her community.

Joseph giving his testimony

A Sense of Inclusivity

In regards to inclusivity, there’s a lot of things that the hearing community needs to learn from the Deaf community.

The Wonder of Christ

Journey through this Advent season with us. See the sweetness of God and the wonder of Christ as we countdown to the birth of the Savior!

Facebook Fundraiser Challenge

Visit this post to see how you can setup a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit Deaf Bible Society!

Ojok Charles and The Long Wait

The Long Wait

One day, I asked my uncle, “who made the trees? Who made the sky?” He gave me a book with a picture of a smiling man. When I asked him who it was, he replied, “Jesus, Jesus.” He pointed to the sky and tried to tell me that this man made everything.

Japanese Sign Language Bible Translation Team

Persevere Toward Excellence

Their passion for all Deaf Japanese to experience the hope of salvation and the joy of the Lord gave them the desire to persevere toward excellence, so that all may come to know Him!