Words of Life

I remember life when I was young. I went to church, but the sermons were too difficult to understand. I thought it was because I wasn’t smart enough.

God’s Presence in the Milestones

There is an entire Deaf world out there hungry to encounter the Word of God. Deaf Bible Society is committed to seeing God’s Word in every sign language!

Like A Lion, I Stand!

My given name in Arabic means Lion. My name means “full of strength.” Little did I know that I would need the strength of a lion the day I found the Lord.

Ira’s Hope

As Ira signed her story, we didn’t need an interpreter. That’s the kind of world the Deaf dream of – a world where everyone has the opportunity to understand and connect. A world without exclusion. A world with hope.

My name is Bridget. God gives us hope and a future for our lives.

Plans for Hope and a Future

At first, when I lost my hearing, I thought God was punishing me. Matthew 7:7 came to mind, so I kept asking the Lord, “Why? Why me, Lord?

There is Hope for Every Deaf Nation

Hope for Every Deaf Nation

Can you imagine a day when every Deaf nation will experience the Word of God? I have seen a taste of what that day may look like!

Hope from Romania

Throughout my life, my parents faithfully planted tiny seeds in my soul. As God’s Word was signed in a language that flowed from my heart, those seeds were nourished, and I understood the message for the first time!

Update From Deaf Bible Society

Bucklew stated, “My heart still longs to see every Deaf person presented with the Gospel message in their sign language!”