Led By The Spirit

J.R. Bucklew, president of Deaf Bible Society, knows a thing or two about traveling to the ends of the earth and back. His road of constant travel is in the footsteps of those who have gone before him in order that the Great Commission is fulfilled.


Superheroes, Not!

We are not superheroes. We are merely super-lovers of the Lord and His Word. Our faith powers our armor and Christ’s love powers our hearts as we reach across borders to a people group who have been kept from God’s Word far too long.


Cesar’s Story

Throughout his life, Cesar traveled to many countries. He always prayed that God would place him in a ministry where he could evangelize to Deaf people. Being a Deaf believer, he knew statistics proved that most Deaf people around the world have not been exposed to the gospel.


Deaf Nation World Expo

As I stood at the booth, I was both excited and nervous. We had just caravanned our entire team from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Las Vegas so that we could participate in the 2016 DeafNation World Expo.



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