Language Accessibility

Imagine going to work daily to a place where you were the only one who spoke a different language, all day, everyday!

Superheroes, Not!

Faith powers our armor, and Christ’s love powers our hearts as we reach across borders to a people group who have been kept from God’s Word far too long.

Cesar’s Story

Cesar followed the Lord’s leading – however, too many hardships developed: his wife had cancer and his daughter needed special care.

Deaf Nation World Expo

I wasn’t surprised when many people passed me. Our booth was all dressed up in red, like the blood of Jesus. But none of that mattered…

God's Word set before one Deaf community

A Feast Set Before One Deaf Community

As Scripture unfolded, a feast was set before one Deaf community. As they ate God’s Word, they became aware of His presence and plan for their lives.

Deep in the Heart of Simon

For Simon, being able to travel to remote villages, meet new Deaf people and share God’s Word is something that the Lord had put on his heart years ago.

God Has Equipped Him With All That He Needs

God Has Equipped Him With All That He Needs

Since God’s Word is accessible in ASL, her husband felt empowered to have God’s Word in his own language without feeling dependent upon another person.