Bible Poverty

Eradicating Bible Poverty

“I’ve never been Deaf; I can only imagine what that would be like. I can’t imagine not only being Deaf, but not even having God’s Word.”

An Opportunity Not Missed

As he grew, Thomas kept the words of his father close to his heart. God was preparing his future.

Download Overload

When God’s Word is made accessible in the heart language of His people, lives are changed forever.

Just One!

For Evelyn, a Deaf Georgia woman, all she wanted was just one. One accessible Bible. One feasible devotion in her language – American Sign Language (ASL)!

Hope For Christmas

Hope For Christmas

Deaf Bible Society wants to engage Deaf people with the Word of God, so that all come to understand the full meaning of Christmas, not only for December 25, but everyday…

We Are Together

We Are Together

God wants Deaf people to know that they are not alone, that they don’t have to depend upon the world for answers, but can look to Him; the great creator, for help.

An Indispensable Outcome

Through their conversation, clear understanding warmed their hearts as they noticed God’s Word come alive.

She wants to make a difference

She Wants To Make A Difference

She has come to America to study, to raise her own education, to pass on to others who are living without Hope and the knowledge of God.

New Thing

God Is Doing A New Thing

Jason had attended a Deaf leadership conference where he witnessed more pastors and church leaders integrating the ASL Bible into their presentations and sermons than ever before.

The Perfect Time

God’s plan is proving to include technology for His glory. Advancements in technology are making things easier for sign language video recordings.