Who is my Mother, and Who are my Brothers?

In the Gospel of Matthew, there is a time when Jesus is talking to the crowd and someone tells him that his mother and brothers are outside, waiting to speak to him. “Here are my mother and my brothers,” Jesus responds, pointing to his disciples. Those who know me.

In a world full of division, dissension, and diversity, Jesus demonstrates how to stand together and become family, united as one – hearing and Deaf alike!

Jessica speaks out on the value of being united as one through Christ. Through access to a sign language Bible, Deaf people can truly experience how God cherishes all people.

The translated Bible into sign language includes Deaf people into a kingdom community – the kind of community that God envisions for all of His children.

“I believe that the Deaf Bible App is something very needed in our church and community… I think that we need to reach out and get out of our comfort zones to reach out to the community of the Deaf…and share the gospel. What they need to [see] is what we are hearing, too. It’s like, we can’t disclude people, we need to reach out to them and tell them what God is doing in our lives, so we can all gather as one and unite as the children of God. 

And since we are all gathered as one as the children of God, this App is going to help us reach out… and go further with ministry and everything that we do – go out into the churches of the Deaf so that one day we can all gather as one and [have] the same Word and communicate in different ways that just bring us all together to show that God truly loves all of us, and that we are all created equally.”