Live United

Ephesians 4 urges us to live united with other believers; “to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love..”

The ability to recognize that all people have the same desire; to love and to be loved can lead to a lifetime of compassion for others.

It is a worthy challenge to the individuals who have taken up the Good News of the Gospel and are members of the body.

One of the cool things about our church and our community is now people who cannot hear come to our church. So, Deaf Bible would help [reach] every generation who are coming to our church. I believe that every [Deaf] person needs to have the opportunity to hear from God. And, one of the ways we hear from God is the Bible, and why should we exclude somebody from that?  I’m not only saying this for Deaf people, but I’m saying it for pastors, I’m saying it for ushers, I’m saying it for youth pastors, I’m saying it for every pastor or leader…that we need Deaf Bibles, so we can communicate to everyone that comes into our churches. We need it – Deaf Bibles! 


Abraham realizes that every generation of Deaf people who attend his church and community are his brothers and sisters in Christ. His love for them pours out through the desire to see the best for his church family; for them to know the Lord through the clarity of sign language Scriptures, and to be included in the body and united as one.

Becoming aware of Deaf people in our communities and responding to their needs is a vital way to include  them in the body. Providing the Deaf access to God’s Word in sign language communicates a clear message of inclusion and genuine love!