Just One!

God’s Word comes in a variety of forms for native users of English; from the original King James Bible to the modern language of The Message. There are countless Biblical calendars, cookbooks, and Christian blogs which focus on the supernatural journey, peppered with spiritual soup to mend the Christian soul. There are sophisticated and simple devotions delivered daily to users through a variety of media sources. There are endless opportunities for the native English speaker to know God.

For Evelyn,* a Deaf Georgia woman, all she wanted was just one. One accessible Bible. One feasible devotion in her language – American Sign Language (ASL)!

Evelyn craved to know her God more, yet she struggled with Biblical materials provided in a written form with grammar that was not her own. Her morning routine would often consist of trying to make sense of the English text, as opposed to using her personal time to know God through His Word. Understanding the structure of the grammar became the focus of her devotions. She depended upon friends who knew English to help her understand the content and context of Scripture. Over time, the entire process grew taxing and tiresome, yet she knew God’s Word promised relief for the weary.

Recently she discovered Deaf Bible 365, which changed her life!

Deaf Bible 365 offers access to God’s Word daily with a special devotional message in her first language, American Sign Language. Now, she looks forward to tasting Scripture every day. Things are different now. She is no longer dependent upon her colleagues to help her understand the English text for her morning devotion. Through written notes, her co-workers stop by her desk and engage with her on a different level. They have seen a transformation in her and are intrigued. They ask questions about the Bible content she watches which opens up a new dialogue about the importance of God’s Word in her language.

Through the daily Scriptures of Deaf Bible 365, she has seen her walk with the Lord grow. She wants to share it with other Deaf people who struggle with God’s Word in the written text. She wants them to know what daily devotions in her language have done for her and how God’s Word in her heart language is breathing a transformation into her life!