My name is Mirela* and I am a Deaf Romanian working on sign language Bible translation with other Deaf people in my community. Working as a team requires ongoing commitment, collaboration, and deliberate communication. This doesn’t always come easy—we must intentionally encourage and support each other.

When I first saw the story of Moses in my sign language, I was amazed at how much it connected me to my everyday life as a team member.

God called Moses as His primary leader and representative to the people of Israel. He set Moses on a course that eventually accomplished great things for the nation. When I watched the Scriptures unfold, I felt that God had set our team on a course to accomplish great things for the Deaf communities of Romania. I saw how God made us His representatives and leaders, forging forward, just like Moses to proclaim victory for all Deaf nations. God demonstrates doing good things for His people through other people!

I also watched as Moses initially refused the call from God. He saw himself as disabled, as someone who was unskilled and unable to do the task set before him. I wondered, who told Moses he was unskilled and unable? Moses’ lack of confidence led him to refuse God. He actually told Him to find someone else to do the work. However, through His grace and infinite wisdom, God showed Moses he was chosen and perfectly imperfect for the job. One day at a time, God gave Moses the confidence to have great faith and continue on for the people.

I am like Moses. Uncertain at times, yet a servant of the Lord. Every day as our team comes together, I remember this story. Faith like Moses helps me put my trust in God. It was by faith, Moses could lead the people across the Red Sea as if they were on dry land. If He could encourage and lead Moses to do great things for His people, I can only imagine what he is doing through our team for the Deaf people of Romania.

“But Moses said to God, ‘I am nobody. How can I go to the king and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?’ God answered, ‘I will be with you…”’ Exodus 3:11-12a


I Am Like Moses



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