There is hope in every Deaf nation with God's Word!Can you imagine

a day when every Deaf nation will experience

the Word of God?


As a field coordinator, engaging

with Deaf translation teams,

I am filled with a new hope now that

I have seen a taste of what that day

may look like!


In the East, Deaf communities gather to praise and worship God for a rare Bible celebration. Even though the people in this region do not share a common sign language, the news gets around fast.

The excitement of this day all started with a Deaf community in the south, then the intensity of what was to come quickly spread to the north. Many traveled a great distance: on foot, bike, bus, and train, all to receive, for the first time, the beloved Word of God.

On this day, I have the privilege of distributing Scripture content in multiple sign languages. My heart races, this is God’s Word!

I stand on a small make-shift stage and look out among those who have never had the opportunity to experience the Savior in their language. The Lord has His eyes set on so many people.

Individuals and families line up. With great excitement, I hand out micro SD cards. They carry the precious message of Jesus, which can easily be installed on phones and other media devices, like a digital love letter. But as the crowd leans in, I second guess myself. Have I prepared enough micro SD cards? I rest in knowing that God has led me to this day, and He knows what is needed for His people.

As I give away the tiny digital cards, I see their faces. It’s an indescribable joy, spreading from one Deaf brother to another.

This is the Good News! It’s the heartbeat of God, and His presence is here!

Now, they can experience His story and share it with others in their community.

One Deaf leader approaches me and tells me how Scripture in his language has inspired him. He wants to make sure that all the members of his church can experience this holy inspiration for themselves.

As the micro SD cards run out and the day ends, the feeling of hope lingers. The leaders and I look toward heaven for the next sign language Scripture celebration. Yes! There is the anticipation for the next completed translation. But, there is an even greater promise for more Deaf in this region to know the love of Christ.


but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 

Isaiah 40:31




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