Imagine hearing the Bible in Mandarin Chinese, or Russian, or Swahili. Imagine hearing God’s Word in a language that wasn’t your native language. Would you be able to connect fully with Christ?To understand how much He loves humankind?

There are people groups all around the world consisting of over 70 million individuals that have no Bible in their language yet. These people groups are Deaf people groups. Deaf people are all around the globe, communicating with their hands and eyes. Their words pour off of their fingers, creating connections with other sign language users along the way.

There are over 350 sign languages worldwide, and all sign languages are unique because they are visual. Most spoken languages are linear and have a written form. Sign language integrates space and movement into its grammar. Historically, there has not been an acceptable way for Deaf people to receive God’s Word in their heart language.

With recent advances in technology, sign language can now be captured in video format. Unfortunately, no single sign language has a complete Bible translation yet. Unfortunately, no single sign language has a complete Bible. However, there are multiple translation teams making progress. We welcome you to pray with us as we support and advocate God’s Word to completion!



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