A Feast Set Before One Deaf Community

For Jason, Deaf Bible Society’s North American Scripture engagement coordinator, sharing God’s Word and showing others how to use the ASLV Bible came naturally to him. However, his experience with the Deaf Bible conference in Houston Texas proved to be more than just educational workshop.

Constructing a three-day conference around the Deaf Bible Together program at Champion Forest Baptist Church was the first of its kind. Planned out with meals, pastoring, stories and Scripture straight from the ASL Bible App. It was the perfect start of something new for this Houston Deaf community along with other state participating Deaf churches.

For one Deaf community in Houston Texas, God had set a banquet and the people feasted upon His holy Word which transformed their lives forever.

Throughout the day, as Scripture unfolded and the connection between God’s Word and life application became clear. The community started to become more aware of God’s presence and plan for their lives. Suddenly, the normal communal stories that circulated, which were full of hardships and struggles, became stories for God’s glory.

On the last day, as the group wrapped up the session, the people didn’t want Jason to leave. He recalls, “They begged me to stay and continue teaching, because they started to understand that our language, sign language, is a true language of the heart which God gave us.”  At that point, nothing else mattered. They didn’t care about the time or even food, yet they were hungry for the Word of God and God was providing them with the nourishment they craved. The impact God had upon the Deaf church was greater than Jason could have ever imagined.

What started out as an educational weekend event for one Deaf community turned into a life-lasting transformation. All because God’s Word was now clear, natural and accurate to the community and no longer based on a hearing model of a written Bible, which can be difficult to understand.