Faithfulness & Fixed Hope; Prayers from the Field

His Faithfulness, Our Fixed Hope

Scripture shows us in many places where God says, “Do not fear but have faith!”

Today “our normal” feels uncertain, but in the midst of it all, we fix our hope in Christ!

Please pray for our international teams and Scripture Engagement friends:

We will continue to update this as new prayer requests become available. (Last Update: 23 April 2020 12:42 am CST)

Germany – Pray for Kabir. He is our Scripture Engagement friend. His mother needs to arrive from her travels before the border in Germany closes.

France –  *Update Praise Report – You prayed for Joyce, our Scripture Engagement friend who tested positive for COVID-19. We are so thankful to report that Joyce is healed!

Spain –Pray for Spain’s Scripture checking sessions, which are under quarantine.

Ukraine –Pray for the Ukrainian translation team as they continue to work together in the office.

Tanzania –Update: Some of the translation team members and Deaf leaders are living and working at the translation center and cannot go home. Pray for their families who are separated from them. Pray for the members and leaders who continue to work through this time.

*Pray for wisdom as the translation team has recently received COVID-19 information.

Uganda – Pray for one translation team member Emma, who is sick.

Rwanda –Update: Pray for the translation team during this time. The team continues to work, but martial law makes it difficult to meet.

Pray for wisdom as the translation team continues their work in the office.

Ghana –Pray for the difficulties that the translation team is facing at this time.

El Salvador – 

-Update: Due to the economy, members of the translation team needed to be temporarily let go. The team has been impacted and will make adjustments to their work. Please pray for the financial and work adjustments that this team must navigate through during this season.


    • Last week, many borders were closed preventing people from entering and leaving. San Salvador, the capital city and where the project site is located, was closed as of yesterday.
    • The government had asked the Salvadorans to remain in their shelter out of respect and well-being of others, however, the Salvadorans didn’t recognize the value of protecting others in this manner.
      • As a result, their COVID19 cases have increased by a hundred within a week (from a confirmed case of 100).
      • The government has become firm only allowing those who need to go on essential errands to leave the house and arresting those who don’t obey.
  • Remote work
    • Unfortunately, the possibility of bringing the project computers to each of the translators was diminishing with the news of likely arrest of those who leave the house in prohibited areas.
    • In the beginning, for the translation team, it was a struggling bus, as remote work never has been acceptable in El Salvador. Nevertheless, with guidance from the project director, the team has increased its efficiency by the third week.
    • They continue to meet at 8am for prayer and devotions daily.

Praise to the team for continuing to develop the first sign language devotionals in Central America. Despite how the Coronavirus has impacted all countries, the team continues to move forward, developing more devotional content, because they know how the devos will play a part to encourage the lives of many Deaf at this time.

Pray for our translation team member Adela, who is recovering from sickness. She is concerned about her family who were en-route to Italy when borders were closed. They are now in a waiting period with others to get back home.

Pray for the El Salvador translation team as they face challenges working remotely in a developing country.

Honduras – Many of the Honduran team has requested prayer for their families to be protected during this time. A personal request from Manual to pray for good health and for his mother’s leg injury to heal.

Pray for the Honduran translation team as they work remotely. Below are specifics the team has requested prayer over:

– Public & private businesses have remained closed. Honduran unlicensed business owners or citizens have been detained for disobeying shelter-in-place laws. There are multiple cases of COVID-19. There are specific days established for the community to do errands. Grocery shopping is mandated from 9am-4pm.

Please pray for our partners:

American Bible Society, APSDA, Deaf Missions, Deaf Harbor, DOOR International, Faith Comes By Hearing, Jesus Film Project, Seed Company, SIL, United Bible Societies, Forum of Bible Agencies North America, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.


Praying for the world