Faithfulness & Fixed Hope; Prayers from the Field

Deaf Churches/Ministries

Deaf Churches/Ministries

Pray for Deaf advocates seeking opportunities in Deaf ministry for direction from God and connections to the right people.
Lift up churches still in quarantine and the live stream technology struggles they are experiencing.
May all barriers for digital donations be resolved.
Pray God would bring opportunities for relationships from afar and encourage the hearts/spirits of Deaf individuals feeling isolated without in-person interaction and physical connection that the church often provides.
Lift up all the Deaf churches and ministries meeting online or starting to meet in person again. Be with them and grant them a sense of togetherness despite the mandatory isolation. We pray they would not live in a spirit of fear with COVID-19, but also act wisely as governments give updates.
Pray for Miami Deaf Center to be effective in reaching and teaching the local Deaf community the Word.

Pray the local Deaf church members can grow in His knowledge and that more people would be saved.

Pray for God’s guidance for church leaders in every step and decision made.

Pray for church unity and that the church will be a light to impact those who are in darkness to worship God.

Pray for a Church leader’s family who are in a storm right now and we ask: Jesus please calm the storm down.
Pray for those who give generously as the Lord instructs, with a joyful attitude.

Pray for additional leaders for upcoming Deaf ministries.

Pray God would bring Christ to the Deaf community and for the growth of the believers.

Pray for continued strength and wisdom as churches serve the Deaf community and for their time management as they prioritize family’s needs first.

Pray the Lord will raise money for church building renovations.

Pray for several church members that have severe health issues.

Pray that God will provide a Deaf Pastor at Jackson Deaf Bible Study.
Pray that the Deaf in our community will have their hearts more open and softer to believe God’s truth (instead of their preferences) – both for salvation and way of life.

Pray for Pastor Pete to be listening to God and follow His steps for future plans to glorify God.

Pray for Pastor Pete’s family who only has one vehicle. Pray for good, reliable, used pick-up truck.

Pray for partnerships of Deaf ministers and Deaf churches and the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies and other organizations seeking to further sign language Bible translation.
Pray for Sri Lanka and need sign language Scriptures and for Deaf Churches in Sri Lanka.
Pray God would increase the number of Deaf churches in Hawaii
Please pray for the Deaf churches in Canada.
Pray for the creation of more resources for Deaf discipleship and training.
Pray God would answer the unspoken requests from Deaf churches, pastors, and individuals.
Pray for the pastor in NJ who went to spend 40 days with God just like Moses. Pray he returns with many Blessings.
Pray for more sign language interpreters across the globe!

Pray for places that want to start Deaf ministries to have access to resources to help get started.

Pray for my friend, Giselle, in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) who is a LIBRAS interpreter and wants to start a Deaf Ministry in her church.

Pray for the success of other coursework in Ministerial Interpreting

Wisdom for the Deaf and hearing people that are being advocates in hearing churches for providing interpreting services and helping to make church ministries accessible for the Deaf/HoH community.

That hearing pastors and staff would have opened eyes and hearts to understand the need and value of providing access for the unreached people group that is the Deaf community.

Pray for a Deaf church planting for the many Deaf Christians that live and work in/near Salt Lake City, Utah where the pull from Mormonism and the LGBTQ+ community

Deaf Christians are few in Utah maybe a hundred, possibly more – and their only option for church and fellowship is at one of two hearing churches which refuse to acknowledge Deaf members beyond basic accommodations (select seating FAR OFF to the corner) and the interpreters are self-taught, unskilled and unqualified to convey the message so they are not able to receive God’s word clearly.

Translation Projects

Pray for Pioneer Bible Translators to have wisdom in joining the translation work

Pray that God would send the right workers

Pray for their partnerships in the Bible translation space to be fruitful.

Pray for Kabir in Germany who has family far away needing to return before borders close.
Lift up the translation teams, bring them unity in the midst of isolation due to COVID-19
Break the barriers the enemy has put in place around Bible translation during these times.

Give translation teams hope and creative solutions to accelerate their translations.

Do not let translation efforts be stalled or stopped.

Protect the local communities and churches our translation teams are in from COVID-19 and other difficulties related to the isolation.

Provide for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of these individuals and their communities during these hard times!

Be with our partner organizations and the many ways they contribute to sign language Bible translation. American Bible Society, APSDA, Deaf Missions, Deaf Harbor, DOOR International, Faith Comes By Hearing, Jesus Film Project, Seed Company, SIL, United Bible Societies, Forum of Bible Agencies North America, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Pray for those who give to translation projects that their offering would bring them blessings.
Prayers for Colombia sign language Bible translation:

The project’s three-year project is ending in the fall, working on a proposal for a new 3-year cycle and we are praying for approval for the new cycle. Planning for the budget for the new cycle is challenging in light of covid-19

Prayers for Japan sign language Bible translation:

Please continue praying that we will be able to hire administrative staff, an accountant, translators, and signers (all full-time). Please also pray for God’s wisdom and guidance during this tough time. Pray that there will be innovative ways to communicate effectively and make progress on our translation work, not just in Japan but in other Asian countries.

Prayers for Uganda sign language Bible translation:

Pray for the office which is closed by the government, as it has been challenging to coordinate all the work because the Project Administrator is at his home which is far away and the internet there is not good so communication is hard.

Pray for team members walking to the office to work as far as 2 hours each way.

Pray for the community against the spread of COVID-19

Please pray for the collaboration of Deaf organizations and that Deaf churches will support them well. May we be one Church, working toward the same goal, under One Lord and King!
Pray that there would be resources for setting up video clips to be accessible for use in Deaf communities.
Pray for translations from ASL versions of scripture to South American sign languages.
Pray for the Deaf church in Mongolia who started work on interpreting the Bible to be encouraged to keep going.

Deaf Communities

Pray for those in the community who are isolated by the stay at home orders including those in independent living homes.

Pray for a change in global circumstances that will allow for better communication opportunities and personal in-person connections to resume.

Pray for those who are feeling isolated for so long now in the Deaf communities where physical interaction is so deep in our culture.

Praise God we have video call options to keep us from complete isolation.

Many Deaf people of color are struggling and suffering right now due to racial issues. Pray for protection and peace.

Pray for effective protests and that protests would remain peaceful.

Pray the Deaf people of color would be able to share their unique perspective among the wider black communities.

Pray that God will open a way where there seems no way for His work to continue among Deaf communities worldwide.
Pray for the Mexican Deaf communities as the struggle of COVID-19 is ongoing and increasing.

Pray especially for the poor in Mexico who cannot live in isolation and must work daily for their daily food.

Pray for Alan and those like him who are stuck in their sin and losing faith. Please bring a breakthrough. Please increase their faith. May your Word be a blessing to them.
Pray for Deaf communities that do not have access to news updates, health recommendations, or the current status of what is legal / what is going on with COVID.
Pray for Deaf Ministry in various churches in Fayetteville NC. Pray for all the Deaf in that area will know Jesus as Lord and Savior.
Austin texas – pray for deaf community in the greater Austin area
Pray for Deaf Schools opening up again. That God will give wisdom in reopening

Pray government leaders will make the right decision to reopen or close schools for the deaf & dorms (staff, students) in the coming school year.

Pray for Deaf people in California and the rest of America’s souls to be saved.

Pray also for the rest of the world to hear the Good News.

Pray for California to experience more salvations and baptisms of the Holy Spirit!!!

Pray for 45th Virtual Deaf Camp in Louisiana July 20-24, 2020 that the boys and girls hear the gospel

Pray that they will call out to Jesus to save them.

Pray for more sign language interpreters across the globe! and for places that want to start a Deaf ministry, to have access to resources to help get started.
Pray for resources for Deaf children to interact with God through His Word.
Pray for Deaf believers to be salt and light, especially now.

Praying for the world