On the East Coast, a Deaf pastor set up his table at a local Deaf expo. Prior to the expo he had contacted Deaf Bible Society to request resources for his booth. Resources that would help promote God’s Word in sign language. Deaf Bible Society sent him materials for support. Most importantly, Deaf Bible Society supplied God’s Word in 22 signed languages on Deaf.Bible, an online platform available to the public – for free!

That day proved to be an amazing feat for God. Hundreds of Deaf people from the United States and across the world crowded the booth. They were yearning for God’s Word in their sign language. The pastor and his assistant were overwhelmed as they handed out the materials which seemed to disappear in minutes. People were desperate to have God’s Word in a language that they could understand. The response was incredible. The online demand to download God’s Word in sign language was so significant that day that the Wi-Fi at the conference center couldn’t keep up!

When God’s Word is made accessible in the heart language of His people, lives are changed forever.

“I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the Lord…”Jeremiah 24:7a


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