Deep in the Heart of Simon

Many people shun the idea of traveling for hours upon end, mainly to get to places that are difficult to access. It can mean excessive driving through unpaved roads, sleeping in odd places and eating strange food, all just to meet new cultures and people groups. Not the usual bucket-list item for most.

For Simon, Deaf Bible Society’s African coordinator, being able to travel to remote villages, meet new Deaf people and share God’s Word is something that the Lord had put on his heart years ago. With the help of Deaf Bible Society, Simon can live fully for Christ by pursuing that call.

Whether that means traveling all day on undeveloped roads to reach the secluded villages of Lowdar, Africa or the remote places of South Africa, Simon is always up for the challenge and enjoys every minute of it!

Recently, Simon met with a Deaf community in Cape Town. Because the sign language is different from his native language, it’s an investment of his time and several conversations to become familiar with the language and the community. His diligence pays off as he can teach on 1 Corinthians 13; “the meaning of love.” “What does ‘love’ really mean, the Nationals want to know? How has God shown His love through the creation and His son, Jesus?”

Simon stayed in the area for a short period to teach on the topic. His passion for teaching God’s Word spills over late into the night, where nothing else matters, including stopping for meals. Because of his devotion, the local Deaf community leaves the meetings satisfied, knowing the message of God’s love. Simon is living out Christ.

There are those who look into the world and make a list of things that they want to do before their life comes to an end. The idea is to do as many fun, exciting things as possible in a lifetime- to live the dream.

For Simon, however, he doesn’t feel the need to craft a list to put in a bucket. As he pursues the Christ who is pursuing His people, there is always a new adventure waiting for him.