Deaf Bible on Blockchain

The Deaf Bible app is now on the Ethereum blockchain. What does this mean and why? Take a look below to find out more and how you can access the prototype application.

Decentralization will ensure God’s Word is accessible. We hope to make sure that God’s Truth is accessible even when servers fail or systems malfunction. We aim to provide multiple channels of access and resilience to censorship. It’s for these reasons that we have begun to lay the foundation to leverage decentralized systems. 

Keep up with technology or fall behind. It’s no secret that technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Blink, and you will miss the most sophisticated systems. Blink again, and you may find yourself lost with new and unheard programming languages and tools. Keeping up with technology is now more crucial than ever for organizational success and community impact.

We are excited to share this major milestone and be among the leaders and drivers of using blockchain technology for the advancement of God’s Word in every Sign Language.

You can access the prototype of our blockchain Deaf Bible WebApp on the following URL: Please note that this is still in early development.