Every person deserves the opportunity to engage with Scripture in their language. For Deaf communities, this means a sign language video Bible. A Deaf person seeing the Bible in their sign language for the first time opens the door for greater understanding and life transformation to occur. This is why Deaf Bible Society is passionate about providing God’s Word in Every Sign Language.

Deaf Bible was created to provide Deaf communities around the world access to Scripture in their sign language. Deaf Bible is an online platform that houses sign language Bible content and resources in one location. Think of it as a digital library of videos providing Scripture in sign languages. Deaf Bible currently provides Scripture translated into more than 25 sign languages.

Users can access Deaf Bible through the website, Deaf.Bible, and the Deaf Bible app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play onto any smartphone or tablet. Deaf Bible can also be distributed through storage devices, such as USB ports and SD cards, for people living in areas without internet access.

Deaf Bible Society is committed to offering the best Deaf-centric Bible experience. Our technology team is dedicated to providing the most current and reliable software so that Deaf users can experience and engage with Deaf Bible, and share it with others.

In February 2019, we released the latest version of Deaf Bible! The updates to Deaf Bible website and app include many new and improved features that will greatly enhance the user experience. We celebrate this release and look to the future. We want to ensure the end user has the best Deaf Bible experience in their sign language, so more new features are on the horizon!

Download the Deaf Bible app today, and share it with a friend!

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