Imagine traveling the world and finding people in every country who have a relatable culture close to your own. Deaf people around the world have complementary cultures. Their manner of dress and food may vary according to the country, but their modes of communication are layered in similar ways.

Deaf people all around the world share unique experiences that hearing people do not. Flashing lights are a typical way to get the attention of a Deaf person in a crowd. Obstacles become a hindrance while walking and are a concern for Deaf people. They support each other by watching for obstructions, while talking, to avoid colliding into things. Because sign language is visual, conversations across great distances happen easily. There is no need to shout.

When your world is without sound, you start basing your interactions and everyday things on what you can see. Friendships and work environments are built around visual cues. That’s the beauty of Deaf cultures. They are cultures filled with people from every race, every climate, and multiple languages, yet interconnected.

Deaf Bible Society is proud to have many Deaf advocates working to create an environment which supports Deaf culture, language, and Deaf identity.

What is especially fascinating about Deaf culture for you? It’s Deaf History Month! Please visit us for more information on Deaf culture at Deaf Bible



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