Life is like a seed. You water, cultivate the soil, and wait for the sun. A bud appears. Your nurturing hand removes the weeds and prepares the shoot. Later, as time passes, that seedling develops into something of beauty and relevance. Onlookers want to know more about it. What is its official name? What kinds of fertilizer did you use? How did you get it to grow so tall?

What if there were only seeds? No water. No soil. Only seeds.

For Melanie,* a Deaf woman in southern California, her life resembled just that – a packet of seeds. No more, no less. A life of struggle and without direction was all that she knew. Poor choices led Child Protective Services to her doorstep, and ultimately her children were taken away. People couldn’t see her, only her problems. Every day was worse than the day before. She didn’t know about God. There was no watering can or cultivator. She only saw a life path of heartache and misery, without hope.

Until one day, at a Deaf church, she met Jesus and her life radically changed forever.

God’s Word Illuminated

Before attending the church, Melanie didn’t have access to God’s Word in her language – American Sign Language (ASL). Before she knew God, there was no hope, no mentor. There was no leadership, no community encouragement, no one who cared. But now, with God’s Word illuminated in ASL, she could undoubtedly see that a redeemer was calling her, pursuing her with a language she could understand! Now she had someone who could take her by the hand and lead her in a different direction: to a better life filled with hope.

Melanie knew she could not go back and start her life over again, but with God’s help and a new community in Christ, she could learn how to fix her eyes on Jesus and move forward with confidence.

Cultivating a Life in Christ

Today, Melanie’s life looks radically different. She is raising her youngest daughter to know Christ and to share that love with others. Some even say her daughter resembles a young missionary at heart.

Melanie’s life is dependent upon God’s Word in her own language and the ability to discuss Scripture within her community. She is grateful for conferences like the Together Conference. Through Scripture, Together brings people into community, strengthening one another for spiritual maturity and discipleship. For many new Deaf believers, this is the Hope they have been searching for all their life.



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