Imagine never hearing raindrops pattering on the roof. The sound of your baby crying. The sound of thunder rolling throughout the night, or the whistling of the wind through the trees. Imagine going through life without the constant tapestry of sound being woven around you.

Most Deaf people never experience the sounds that others take for granted. That might seem like a great disappointment or disadvantage. Yet, Deaf people often take pride in their identity. They have a culture and language all their own.

This week is Deaf History Month, and we are inviting you to come celebrate Deaf culture with us!.

Did you know?

  • There are 70 million Deaf people worldwide.
  • There is no universal sign language.
  • There are more than 350 unique sign languages.
  • Sign language is unique in the way that it depends on movement and space to convey meaning.
  • Currently, there is no complete Bible in any sign language.Deaf people often fly under the radar in society as they grocery shop, have successful careers, and take their kids to school, and sporting events. Being Deaf is not identifiable unless the person was signing.

Deaf people are fiercely proud of their culture, language, and history. They come alive when they encounter people who communicate in the same language, showing rich, vivid tones of heritage and identity.

Deaf Bible Society invites you to celebrate Deaf History Month! Want to learn more Deaf people groups? Please text 444999 to sign up for our special 50-day prayer journey, and watch how God is moving in the Deaf world.




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