There is a season which awakens a spirit of generosity and goodness; a hope for Christmas. During this time, in just about every city, you can find couples holding each other close while they stroll along enjoying the crisp air. Twinkling lights can be seen glowing in the distance, creating an enchanting backdrop. Hot chocolate serves smiles to both young and old. On the corner of the street, an assembled constructed scene of straw, animals, a man, and a young woman. They gaze affectionately at a newborn baby tucked deep inside an animal trough. The display evokes images of a familiar yet ancient story of a young couple riding on a donkey. They have been summoned by the king to return to their hometown for a census. She is about to give birth, yet they struggle to find a room for her. They are forced to take shelter in a stable where a miraculous birth takes place, changing the course of history forever. This well known narrative is recognized as the Christmas Story. It is observed, re-lived, and remembered as one of the most celebrated holidays, worldwide.

However, there is an estimated 68 million Deaf people worldwide celebrating Christmas without knowing the reason. Deaf people groups are unreached, most without access to God’s Word in their own language. They have been left out or unaware of the true meaning behind the celebration. The image of the young woman lovingly adoring her baby, wrapped in rags, holds a meaningless connection to what was to come. Yet, He was a secret meant to be uncovered and revealed to all people. For so many, this season is just another holiday.

But there is hope.

Deaf Bible Society wants to engage Deaf people with the Word of God, so that all come to understand the full meaning of Christmas, not only for December 25, but everyday in between.

We are dedicated to reach the unreached by supporting Bible translation in sign language, which is the heart language of the Deaf. Our hope is that by raising education and awareness more people will understand the need for Scripture in sign language. Once the public is fully aware the focus for sign language Bibles, a shift can be made to talking about the fulfillment of the Great Commission and how each person, including the Deaf, play a role.

Every year a new hope builds within Deaf Bible Society that more Deaf people have come to understand the true reason for the season because God’s Word has been made available to them.

The Christmas story comes around once a year, however, the purpose of His life story was meant to stay in the heart of people, all year long.

Hope For Christmas


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