Cesar’s Story

Throughout his life, Cesar traveled to many countries. He always prayed that God would place him in a ministry where he could evangelize to Deaf people. Being a Deaf believer, he knew statistics proved that most Deaf people around the world have not been exposed to the gospel.

Cesar knew that God had a plan for his life, so out of obedience He followed the Lord’s leading to relocate himself and his family to Costa Rica. However, too many hardships developed throughout the years in Costa Rica; his wife had developed breast cancer and his disabled daughter needed special care.  Cesar knew he needed to move back to the states to get the kind of care that his family needed. He prayed and asked God to allow him to continue ministering to others.

God’s plan for him continued as his family moved to Houston, Texas and he applied for a job as an ASL teacher. His resume proved that he had a long list of skills that he was overqualified for, however. He was put in contact with a mega-church who had been looking for a Deaf pastor to add to their staff. Houston has over 1,000 Deaf people and they needed someone qualified, Deaf, and who undoubtedly, had been called by God to minister to these people.

Cesar took that position over a year and a half ago. Now, as the ministry grows he is excited that Deaf Bible Society is providing access to the ASL Bible for their community. A Bible that is in his language and that the entire community can understand. Now, Cesar and his fellow brothers and sisters are hungry for more. His desire is to connect with other Deaf churches and set up workshops for Bible teachings. Cesar’s desire is the same as the hearing staff he works with, to know God and make Him known.