Live (Stream) It Up!

“Deaf people are not just people who need to be in the ‘Deaf Section,’ or who need sign language interpreters. They are human beings who want to learn about God and what God has done for them [in their own language].”

Prayer Dependency

Levi grew up Deaf and watched his Deaf Christian parents model Christian living, but his own experiences seemed limited.

Celebrate Deaf History

Come Celebrate Deaf History Month

Most Deaf people never experience the sounds that others take for granted. That might seem like a great disappointment or disadvantage. Yet, Deaf people often take pride in their identity.

What does prayer mean to you?

Prayer is a free gift to all, but many still do not know. Pray with us today, so that all may have an opportunity to know God.

A Lifetime to Share

Her body may be getting older, but her stories are getting stronger. She is in a season of confidence and experience.

Bible Poverty

Eradicating Bible Poverty

“I’ve never been Deaf; I can only imagine what that would be like. I can’t imagine not only being Deaf, but not even having God’s Word.”

An Opportunity Not Missed

As he grew, Thomas kept the words of his father close to his heart. God was preparing his future.

Just One!

For Evelyn, a Deaf Georgia woman, all she wanted was just one. One accessible Bible. One feasible devotion in her language – American Sign Language (ASL)!

Hope For Christmas

Hope For Christmas

Deaf Bible Society wants to engage Deaf people with the Word of God, so that all come to understand the full meaning of Christmas, not only for December 25, but everyday…

An Indispensable Outcome

Through their conversation, clear understanding warmed their hearts as they noticed God’s Word come alive.