The One Who Makes the Impossible, Possible

Abisha and Khepri are motivated by a vision to see their son and other Deaf from the community experience the same kind of hope in Christ that they have.

Good Fight

Fight the Good Fight

For the first time, Lola sees people taking notice of the need for God’s Word to be translated into sign language Scripture for the Deaf around the world.

Deaf read

Overcoming Challenges with the ASL Bible

A Deaf pastor and his church community struggled to overcome challenges from a written Bible. But, God had a plan to show something crafted just for them

Why are Deaf people groups among the last to receive God’s Word?

The work of translating the Bible into other languages has been around for centuries. For example, the English Bible was translated in the 1500s. Yet, not one of the world’s 400+ known sign languages has a full Bible translation yet.

Blood Shed for Bloodshed

Deaf Bible Society is working with our translation partner, DOOR International, as a catalyst to bringing hope to the Deaf.

Saved by Grace

The Heart of Salvation

Alicia recalls how she felt at that very moment. “When I watched Scripture, for the first time, in my heart language, everything became clear! I felt the power of the Lord’s Word, and I understood what Salvation meant!”

I Am His Son and He is My Father

As Josh and his dad sat down together to study God’s Word, Josh’s father noticed how the Scriptures came alive in his son.

The Word Gives Light

“Understanding God’s Word, in the heart language, offers clarity rather than limiting the mind when it comes to Scripture” Amy declares!