Meet Deborah

I want to be able to watch Scripture in my home, in my sign language. I want to teach my children more about the Bible and God’s ways, but for me to be able to train my children to have a greater interest and trust in Jesus, I need to know more about Him myself.

Judith and Joy

Judith and Joy’s Story

My name is Judith. I am the only Deaf person in my family. Some friends had invited me to a church for Deaf people, and I’m so thankful I went.

What is a Sign Language Bible and How is it Translated? (Part 1)

You may be asking, “What is a sign language Bible?” or “How are sign language Bibles translated?” We invite you to go behind the scenes in this two-part blog series to discover some interesting facts about sign language Bibles.

Engage with Scripture

What is Deaf Bible and the Deaf Bible App?

Every person deserves the opportunity to engage with Scripture in their language. For Deaf communities, this means a sign language video Bible.

Why don’t Deaf people just learn to read?

People who are able to hear begin learning how to read at a very young age. For most children, this means starting with the alphabet and attaching sounds to each letter. From there, they begin piecing together the letters to create words, then the words to form sentences. But for Deaf children, learning to read is a different process. Deaf children can’t hear the sounds in a word, so they have to memorize the sequence of letters as a full… Read More »Why don’t Deaf people just learn to read?

The One Who Makes the Impossible, Possible

Abisha and Khepri are motivated by a vision to see their son and other Deaf from the community experience the same kind of hope in Christ that they have.