Find inspirational testimonies of the radical change God is bringing to the Deaf around the world for His glory.

Charles calls it Growth in Fruitfulness

Growth in Fruitfulness

A Deaf pastor noticed an increase in Scripture knowledge and understanding with his Deaf church members. He calls it Growth in Fruitfulness.

Meet Brenda

Meet Brenda

Being the only Deaf person in my family, I attended a Christian vocational school for the Deaf. There are very few schools for the Deaf in Uganda. The few schools we do have are primarily run by Christians.

The Spirit Moves Through A Visual Bible

The Spirit Moves Through a Visual Bible

Deaf people are reached through a new kind of Bible, one which is visual and in sign language, and experience the Hope of the Lord in a new way.

A Scripture Experience

Some say when they are on a life journey they are searching to experience something new, something spiritually engaging. They long to blaze trails and find new ways to live. However, when Scripture experience happens, it is not only to experience a life-shift, but a life-transformation.