Find inspirational testimonies of the radical change God is bringing to the Deaf around the world for His glory.

Gaby Duke giving her testimony

My Sign Language and God’s Love in Action

When I started learning sign language, I realized that this language was pretty amazing. I wanted to learn to communicate with Deaf people.

Joseph giving his testimony

A Sense of Inclusivity

In regards to inclusivity, there’s a lot of things that the hearing community needs to learn from the Deaf community.

Ojok Charles and The Long Wait

The Long Wait

One day, I asked my uncle, “who made the trees? Who made the sky?” He gave me a book with a picture of a smiling man. When I asked him who it was, he replied, “Jesus, Jesus.” He pointed to the sky and tried to tell me that this man made everything.

Why a Sign Language Bible?

Why a Sign Language Bible?

If you give someone a written Bible, can I trust that they will read it? Not always. But, if I provide them with the ASLV, will they watch it? Absolutely!

Rob Myers shares that Deaf People Need Access

Deaf People Need Access

If anyone wants to do ministry, they must abide in Jesus, but many Deaf people worldwide do not have access to God’s Word. How can they connect with Jesus?

A man raising his hands because The Word Became Alive

The Word Alive Became Flesh

Deaf believers will never stop meeting and talking about God’s Word in sign language in the same way that God’s Word in sign language will never fade.

God's Word in American Sign Language is complete!

The Word Freedom Became Flesh

For the first time ever, Deaf communities have access to all 66 books of the Bible in American Sign Language!

William became strong and courageous

William, Strong and Courageous

William’s heart longed to see a Deaf church with Deaf believers who could fellowship, grow, and serve God wholeheartedly.

God's Word stops me in my tracks!

Stopped in His Tracks!

To know that God’s Word in sign language shows Deaf people that they are not alone. This stopped me in my tracks! His Word shows love that can be seen.