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God’s Love Revealed to ‘Hidden’ People

From childhood, the Deaf in El Salvador are often hidden from sight — pushed to the margins of society by family shame, lack of education, poverty, and underemployment. But the sign language translation of 30 Bible stories is beginning to change the narrative for Deaf people as they gain access to see and share God’s love.

Why I Pray

Why I Pray

Look at some of the powerful ways that prayer has impacted people.

Who is my Mother

Who is my Mother, and Who are my Brothers?

In a world full of division, dissension, and diversity, Jesus demonstrates how to stand together and become family, united as one – Deaf and hearing, alike!

What does prayer mean to you?

Prayer is a free gift to all, but many still do not know. Pray with us today, so that all may have an opportunity to know God.