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The Big Five with Five Ways to Praise!

Celebrating The Big Five with Five Ways to Praise!

Around the world, Deaf people celebrate the Lord in different ways! 
You can praise the Lord, too, in the language that speaks most to your heart. Psalm 150 gives us five ways to do that.

Celebrating The Big Five with Five Good Things!

One way American Deaf people show their love for something is to kiss their clenched fist. It’s called “Kissfist.” As we look back on the milestones, we can’t help but “Kissfist” five areas of growth through the Lord.

Five Accomplishments!

Celebrating The Big Five with Five Accomplishments!

Successful teams, partners, and advocates build strong relationships when trust is cultivated, patience is practiced, and empowerment is given. It is a journey that has multiple paths but is never walked alone.

God’s Presence in the Milestones

There is an entire Deaf world out there hungry to encounter the Word of God. Deaf Bible Society is committed to seeing God’s Word in every sign language!

Update From Deaf Bible Society

Bucklew stated, “My heart still longs to see every Deaf person presented with the Gospel message in their sign language!”