The Americas, also collectively called America. Together, they make up most of the land in Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World.

Looking Back: Moving Forward

The Word Joy Became Flesh

Margot celebrates by reflecting on her past. Looking back allows her to reframe and move forward with things that have impacted her most as a Deaf person.

Ira’s Hope

As Ira signed her story, we didn’t need an interpreter. That’s the kind of world the Deaf dream of – a world where everyone has the opportunity to understand and connect. A world without exclusion. A world with hope.


Cultivating a New Life in Christ

As Melanie engaged with the Gospel in her sign language, she saw how God was cultivating her life with fertile soil, and she was growing in a new direction. 


A Labor of Love!

When Daniela approached her church pastor for help. She thought he would sympathize and grant her request for a divorce. Instead, he handed her a DVD…

Saved by Grace

Saved by Grace

My name is Maria* and I am Deaf. Growing up, I thought I was an outcast. Now, I know I am the Lord’s daughter, saved by grace!

Destination, Cuba!

As the sun rises with new opportunities, a small group of Deaf individuals come together. This is their first mission trip. Destination, Cuba!

Charles calls it Growth in Fruitfulness

Growth in Fruitfulness

A Deaf pastor noticed an increase in Scripture knowledge and understanding with his Deaf church members. He calls it Growth in Fruitfulness.

Another Layer

Impacting Deaf communities with sign language Scripture is a vision for Deaf Bible Society. When that vision affects interpreting, it adds another layer.