For Carlos* and Daniela*, seeing signed Scripture saved their marriage and transformed their lives.

An ongoing affair brought instability, hardship, and chaos into their new marriage. When Daniela decided she had had enough, she approached her church pastor for help. She thought her pastor would sympathize and grant her request for a divorce. Instead, he handed her a single DVD with God’s instructions and expectations for the husband, wife, and family unit—in her Colombian Sign Language. As Daniela watched it, she could understand God’s Word clearly because it was in her own language! Convicted, she watched that one DVD over and over again. As it spoke to her heart, she ran to get her husband to watch it too. She and Carlos watched God’s Word in sign language pour out to them and into their hearts. Both being deeply affected and open to reconciliation, they approached their pastor ready for restoration and a new commitment to one another.

Since then, they have celebrated their third wedding anniversary and recognize the importance of family to the foundation of God’s purpose for them. They are looking forward to starting their own family soon.

Thankful for the teachings of Jesus in their sign language, Daniela and Carlos now serve Jesus and the church in a radical way; a way that shows love and gratitude to the Savior. Whether it’s signing songs during the church service or helping others with their own marriage path, they believe this has been God’s plan for them all along. Sign language Scripture has shown them how to live out their purpose.

“Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 63:7

The Colombian Sign Language Bible translation project has been ongoing for a number of years and has become a forerunner translation project with a very enthusiastic and experienced team. Realizing that there are an estimated 470,000 Colombian Sign Language users encourages the team along. The team is dedicated to seeing portions of Scripture translated in Acts, Mark, 1 Corinthians, and Genesis. As Deaf Colombian pastors, ministry leaders, and church members eagerly await translated Scripture focused on discipleship, evangelism, and biblical resources, the translation team has set additional goals for an estimated 80 new verses to add to their distribution efforts.

The more the Colombian Deaf communities receive translated sign language Bible content, the more they are strengthened with love and support from the One calling out to them in a language and form they can understand. Through partnership, we can reveal the hope of the gospel for many Deaf Colombians.




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