The driving distance between Anaheim, California and the destination of Moreno Valley, provided one Deaf Bible Society’s director with some time to think. Earlier, God put a new program, Deaf Bible Together, on his heart. He was pondering the best ways to engage people with the program. He knew that Deaf Bible Together had the potential to bring Deaf people together, in community, to discuss God’s Word with the purpose to see God’s Word active and alive.

When the director finally arrived, he was welcomed by a group of Deaf professionals. He took advantage of the time to talk to them about their walk with God. They admitted that they struggled with God’s Word. The director asked them to take a look at a well-known passage in Luke about the prodigal son. Using the Deaf Bible app, they watched the American Sign Language version (ASLV) which led them to a lengthy group discussion.

Through their conversation, clear understanding warmed their hearts as they noticed God’s Word come alive. This surprising revelation guided the men to consider how to use the Deaf Bible app along with discussion to strengthen their daily devotion. They felt motivated and wanted to share that with others to impact lives for Christ.

That simple discussion inspired the director to think deeply about the approach of Together and how it could work in the lives of Deaf people. God had led him to realize that in order for the program to work effectively, Deaf people would need to experience His Word, in action, to see it come alive. He desired others to experience the same feeling which he recently encountered with the team.

Through his perseverance, God had shepherded the director’s thoughts into action with an indispensable outcome.

“The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23



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