A New Day for Christian and Milena

In Bogotá, Colombia, Christian and Milena are a Deaf married couple who are finally on the other side of a long and challenging road. Looking back, they share how God restored and renewed their life in Christ and how their gratitude has led them to serve the Lord in their Deaf community faithfully.

Christian loved his wife, Milena, but after years of dreaming about a family, the doctors told them that she could not bear any children. Devastated, Christian became frustrated and bitter. Why Lord? Why? He sought answers but felt alone without any. He questioned everything and eventually decided to leave the church and go his own way.

Deep down, he wanted someone to lead him out of the dark waters he had been treading. Unresolved questions and an unshepherd heart, Christian sought the attention and comfort of other women. Infidelity and an unplanned pregnancy with another woman plagued his marriage and led Milena to seek a divorce.

Some places around the world, social and cultural norms lead couples to seek permission from the church before filing for divorce.

God led Milena to William, a Deaf Colombian pastor. He had compassion for the couple and provided them counseling and a single DVD with Colombian Sign Language Scripture. The DVD was filled with verses of wisdom, instructions, and expectations for the husband, wife, and family unit. Milena invited Christian to watch the signed Scriptures together.

As they watched, tears and emotions spilled out. They saw God’s plan for their lives, and it included one another. Christian’s heart was pierced with remorse. Both had a desire for restoration. It wasn’t easy, and it took the next few years, but Milena and Christian worked hard to repair their marriage, communication with each other, and their broken relationship with God. Milena had to focus her efforts on forgiveness, not only for her husband’s affair but for the other woman who became pregnant and then terminated the pregnancy. “As Christ forgave me, I must forgive him and others,” Milena says. Others witnessed God using Milena’s suffering and hardship as a redemptive analogy for Christ’s love and forgiveness.

God’s path was always lit for Christian and Milena, but without understanding the Word of God, they couldn’t see the way. Scripture in their sign language provided a bright light to the journey set before them.

Later, and on the mend, the couple drove to a city in southern Colombia for work and time together. There, they met a divorced Deaf couple who continued to live together for the sake of their children. However, the couples’ household lacked peace. Dissension filled their lives daily. Christian and Milena felt God calling them to share their experiences and past hardships. From strangers to friends – Christian and Milena poured their hearts into the couple for hours, demonstrating the depth of Christ’s love and forgiveness. They prayed together and kept in touch. Over time, the couple learned how to pray, forgive, and seek peace from one another and above.

As Christ forgave me, I must forgive him and others,”

Milena says.

Seven years later, Christian and Milena are still without children, but God has shown them a life fulfilled in other ways; through a commitment of biblical studies, worship, and deeper involvement in the church – becoming an encouragement to their Deaf community.

God never stops loving and growing this couple!

This is a new day! God continues to strengthen and broaden this couple’s path to include other Deaf who are struggling. In this season of COVID, they use conference calling platforms to encourage and pray with others who feel isolated and alone during this challenging time.

As the Colombian Sign Language translation team continues producing Scripture content, local Deaf Colombians, like Christian and Milena, eagerly wait to see more verses in their sign language to guide their lives and show them more of God’s will for their community.

Through sign language Scripture, Deaf Colombians are learning and leading other Deaf in a whole new way!