A Lifetime to Share

Nancy* notices the grey hair in the mirror. Time has passed by quickly, yet it took a lifetime to become her. She is a strong, mature Deaf woman.

Her priorities have changed from years past. When the kids come around, laundry, dishes, and meal preparation are no longer a top priority. Instead, she spoils the kids with intentional love. She feels free to choose bedtime stories unrelated to homework, and allow things like dessert in place of dinner. Her season is focused on things which are most precious to her. She is known by many as Nanny, Nona, Memaw, Bubbie, or just classic, Grandma.

She is in a season of confidence and experience. Her body may be getting older, but her stories are getting stronger.

Nancy wants to pass down life’s most important things, like her life journey with God. Some days, it was an arduous journey because access to Scripture meant struggling with the written text in another language. It was so complicated, until now…

Now she has access to many of the stories of Jesus, in her language! Nannies, Nonas, and Grandmas all around the world have shared familiar Bible stories with their loved ones in their native language, and now she can, too.

She pulls out her phone and clicks on the Deaf Bible App that takes her to the American Sign Language Version Bible. She has her favorite verses marked; the stories come alive because they are in her language – American Sign Language. The signers are fluent, and she understands the flow and pace of the message. Next, she clicks on the daily 365 devotional message from Deaf Bible Society, and she feels the warmth in her heart. The Word nourishes her spirit, and she feels renewed.

She pauses and ponders this moment. She thinks back on all the years past leading up to now. God has indeed made it all possible. It seems like a lifetime she has waited to have Scripture content in her language, but here it is, and she is thankful!