2020 Looking Forward: 10 Trends in Deaf Christian Communities

As time moves forward, we are connected to apps, social media, and being plugged into the web wherever we go.

Now, more than ever, Deaf people are relying on the latest technology to take them to an advanced network of information, providing access to communication in their communities.

With such incredible advancements in technology, not just a window unlatches, but a door swings open wide, allowing all Deaf people to see and know God in their own sign language.

As Scripture in sign language becomes more readily available to Deaf people around the world, Deaf communities see God’s redemptive plan and respond. This is the foundation where all believers stand strong.

We see 10 trends Deaf Christians are doing to dive into the Word of God in their sign language.


Around the globe, new rising Deaf leaders and believers commit to advancing the Gospel in more than 350+ distinct sign languages. As emerging sign language Scripture becomes available, international Deaf communities have access to God for the first time.


Portions of the Bible are readily available in various sign languages. Globally, Deaf people are downloading the Deaf Bible App. They are seeing and sharing their experience of an international God who loves them exactly the way they are – in His perfect image.


Deaf Christians are finding places of worship using the Deaf Church Where App.


Deaf people are leading Sunday school programs for the first time in their communities.


Once only available for hearing people, now online popular devotion apps such as YouVersion, are launching daily devotions in American Sign Language.


More Deaf led churches are using sign language Scripture instead of depending on written text, which allows Deaf people access to know God on a deeper level.


There is an increase in sign language Scripture memorization; “If we don’t memorize God’s Word, how do we fight the enemy when times of trouble surface.” – Brandon Gaskin, Silent Friends Chapel, Dallas, Texas. 


More and more Deaf people are having conversations surrounding Jesus and Christian values; more Deaf people are asking for Scripture Engagement Training in their areas!


More hearing believers are opening up to learning about and advocating for Deaf people and their cultures.


There is an overall increase in awareness of Deaf people and sign languages around the world; There is a rise of Deaf people becoming involved in sign language rights and advocacy – Deaf Bible Society Scripture Engagement Team members.

As we see this shift in the Deaf Christian population, we soldier on in gentleness and humility with the task of equal accessibility; God’s Word in every sign language! This time is not ours, but the Lord’s alone. Deaf people have been kept at arm’s length from the Good News long enough.