Growth in Fruitfulness

A Deaf pastor noticed an increase in Scripture knowledge and understanding with his Deaf church members. He calls it Growth in Fruitfulness.


Fight the Good Fight

For the first time, Lola sees people taking notice of the need for God’s Word to be translated into sign language Scripture for the Deaf around the world.


Finding Jesus in the Trinity

Derek had always thought that the Trinity stood for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But here, in the sign language passage, it looked as though there was another person who was called the WORD.


The Spirit Moves Through a Visual Bible

During Brian’s presentation, he noticed two Deaf women in the front row greatly touched by God’s Word in ASL. They were saying,

“Look at the Scriptures, they’re amazing!”

“Have you ever seen anything like it?”


The Heart of Salvation

Alicia recalls how she felt at that very moment. “When I watched Scripture, for the first time, in my heart language, everything became clear! I felt the power of the Lord’s Word, and I understood what Salvation meant!”


The Word Gives Light

“Understanding God’s Word, in the heart language, offers clarity rather than limiting the mind when it comes to Scripture” Amy declares!


Live (Stream) It Up!

“Deaf people are not just people who need to be in the ‘Deaf Section,’ or who need sign language interpreters. They are human beings who want to learn about God and what God has done for them [in their own language].”


Prayer Dependency

Levi grew up Deaf and watched his Deaf Christian parents model Christian living, but his own experiences seemed limited.


Come Celebrate Deaf History Month

Most Deaf people never experience the sounds that others take for granted. That might seem like a great disappointment or disadvantage. Yet, Deaf people often take pride in their identity.


Another Layer for Deaf Bible Society

Impacting Deaf communities for Christ by providing access to Scripture in sign language has always been Deaf Bible Society’s vision. When that vision emphatically affects the profession of interpreting, and moves the interpreter, it adds another layer.


Eradicating Bible Poverty

“I’ve never been Deaf; I can only imagine what that would be like. I can’t imagine not only being Deaf, but not even having God’s Word.”



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