This Is My Story: Elizabeth’s Testimony

Elizabeth is a Deaf Nigerian who came to America for education. In addition, God led her to have access to the Scriptures. This is her story!

Treacherous Travel, Persistent Progress

The translation team, when able, travels more than 8 hours one way on treacherous roads from North Ghana to South Ghana where 90 percent of the country’s of the Deaf community lives. Despite the difficulty, the team is encouraged by early responses to sign language Scriptures from the Gospel of Luke. A hoped-for relocation would cut their travel time in half as translation work continues.

God’s Love Revealed to ‘Hidden’ People

From childhood, the Deaf in El Salvador are often hidden from sight — pushed to the margins of society by family shame, lack of education, poverty, and underemployment. But the sign language translation of 30 Bible stories is beginning to change the narrative for Deaf people as they gain access to see and share God’s love.

Chocolate Milk

Deaf people’s access to the Bible is like incomplete chocolate milk. Please come and find out why Deaf people need better access.

Beacon of Hope

The Deaf Estonian community waited 18 years to have access to the book of Mark in Estonian Sign Language. Can you imagine waiting this long?


Omar Escapes To Rwanda As a young Deaf boy, Omar’s parents fled to Rwanda, Africa, to escape the political turmoil in Burundi, Africa. Since 1959, Burundi has demonstrated violent revolts and protests to overthrow its authoritative figures. Therefore, it was unsafe for his family to stay in Burundi. This journey led Omar to discover his calling to translate the written Bible into Rwandan Sign Language and work with the Deaf Bible Society.  Omar grew up reading the Quran and had… Read More »RWANDA: OMAR’S CALLING

Cake and Testimonies All Around!

After 18 years of waiting and with limited translation resources, an interdenominational team celebrated completion of the Gospel of Mark. Their work was bolstered by cross-referencing the American Sign Language Version Bible (ASLV), completed in 2020 and now an invaluable resource as the world’s first full Bible in sign langauge.

Deaf Bible on Blockchain

The Deaf Bible app is now on the Ethereum blockchain. What does this mean and why? Take a look below to find out more and how you can access the prototype application. Decentralization will ensure God’s Word is accessible. We hope to make sure that God’s Truth is accessible even when servers fail or systems malfunction. We aim to provide multiple channels of access and resilience to censorship. It’s for these reasons that we have begun to lay the foundation… Read More »Deaf Bible on Blockchain